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TCP/IP access module to control access for 1 door / bidirectionally /. 2 Wiegand inputs for RFID reader connection, exit button, door monitoring input, alarm input and NO/NC relay for a lock controlling.
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Basic information:
EMM003Q probe with USB connector, connects with Queclink GPS unit and is designed to measure temperature, light intensity, humidity, air preassure and impacts. Supports 3D spacial orientation. GPS communication unit sends all data directly to our Auto-GPS application, where are sent data processed.
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EMM003Q PROBE with USB CONNECTOR (EMX-1) more about probe

Unique probe for measuring surrounding enviroment. Probe connects to personal GPS tracker of GL series, which then serves as communication terminal. Measured values are transmited in realtime on Auto-GPS servers, user can see them displayed in form of interactive graphs and tables. In Auto-GPS system can be set alerts for the variables, system will send alert when the values of set variable go over set limit, as well as compile reports for set period of time.


Probe is designed to scan and collect accurate data from surrounding enviroment by using precisely calibrated sensors. All collected data ( environment temperature, internal temperature, air preassure, humidity, light intensity, impacts and 3D spacial orientation ) are converted to digital form. 


Data has time and date stamp and are saved in probe  internal cyklic buffer. From internal memory are then periodically send over serial connection to back-end server.


In case probe is not able to send data to backend server, all data are kept in internal memory until connection with server is re-established.


Probe provides the best solution for transporting expensive, fragile equipments and other sensitive goods, for which is necessary constant control and alerts of environmental changes.



Internal temperature

from -20°C to +60 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Tolerance: +/- 0.5 °C

External PT100 terminal

from -100°C to +50°C
Resolution: 0.2°C
Tolerance: +/- 1°C


from 0 to 100 %
Resolution: 1%
Tolerance: typ. +/- 2%

Air presure 

from 50 to 115 kPa
Resolution: 0.2 kPa
Tolerance: typ. +/- 1kPa.

Light intensity

from 1lx to 50000lx
256 levels
Spectral light scale from 430 to 610 nm

Tilt and 3D orientation

from 0 to 180°
Resolution: 1 degree


from -8 to 8 G
Resolution: 0.1 G

Supervision of impacts and falls

Constant mesurement of frequency of 400Hz


Programmable parameters

• Probe can be fully programmed over serial connection

• Option to turn on / off each sensor individually

• Low power consumption

• Programmable intervals for collecting / sending data

• Limit setting for temperature and light sensor 


Complience with regulations

• Calibrated during manufacture 

• Approved by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NITS)

• Software & Firmware is verified by Good Automated Manufacturing Practises (GAMP)

• Compatible with 21 CFR part 11


Probe aspects

• EMX-1 is small in size ( 20 x 60 mm )

• On one side is located 8-pin XLR connector for connection with external PT100 sensor and serial link. Other side is finished with porous top made of sintred bronze. Cover is made of translucent plastic. Whole device meets IP40 type criteria.



• Status events can be send by GPRS, e-mail and SMS

• There is no need for software installation

• Compatible with TEMS ( Transport Environment Monitoring System ), which automatically controls and monitors all defined events during transport ( increased cargo security, productivity, and mechanism to determine whether transport finished without a problem )


Hardware and software specifications

• Very low power consumption. No need of external power supply, probe is powered over RX/TX data wires. Probe can function few minutes after external data link get disconnected

• Build-in internal clock and calendar ( correct operation even during leap year )

• Small size ( 20 x 60 mm )

• All data are stored in internal cyclic buffer, which can hold 1400 measurements. In case of memory overflow, oldest data will be overwritten by newer data

• Each record ( measurement ) is equipped with 3 byte virtual address. Scale of shortest (one minute) measuring period should last for 31 years. Virtual address is increased by one with each record added to internal memory

• Back-end server can use the virtual address to verify transfered data integrity. In occurence of gap between data, probe can be requested to re-send data from internal memory

• Each EMX probe has own unique alphanumeric  serial number. This serial number identifies each data packet, which is sent by probe and allows saving calibration templates staight on back-end server side. Serial number is not send just with data packets containing  measurements, but also with each generated answer to a command sent to EMX probe

• With each probe restart is automatically activated GMT time synchronisation with back-end server. Internal clock can be re-synchronised anytime with back-end server

• Programmable packet accumulation - this setting prohibits EMX probe to transmit data till it collects sufficient amount of measurements. Such accumulated data are sent to server altogether. When packet accumulation is set to 0 probe will be saving data to internal memory 

• Data from internal memory can be read by remotely send command ( based on virtual address of each measurement )

• Limit settings ( minimum/ maximum ) for thermal and light sensor

• Checks the allowed values of light sensor every 30 seconds ( if enabled )

• Checks the allowed values of temperature sensor every 60 seconds ( if enabled )

• Impacts and 3D spacial orientation are monitured constantly on 400Hz frequency

• Programmable accelerometer - detection based on level of G-force ( minimum impact time scale is 0 - 159 ms, time of non-detection after impact is 0 - 319 ms )

• In the event of any deviation from the set value, EMX probe attemps to send data with alert immediately, regardless of programmed measuring period and packet accumulation

• Any deviation is detected and stored in probe internal memory and marked with special bit

• If probe has no data to send to server, it never awakens connected communication device

• Embedded SW loader enables EMX probe firmware upgrade over special USB cabel, with no need to open the case

• FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) enables remote firmware upgrade, EMX probe has to be connected to communication terminal

• Safety function called Watchdog - this function should restart EMX probe each time SW get stuck in loop

• Sofisticated power management - EMX probe suspends all the sensors circuits in case of inactivity or non-use

• EMX probe monitors safe voltage level. If the voltage drops below the safe voltage limit functionality of sensors, probe disables all operations and is automatically rebooted after safe voltage limit is reestablished. This functionality ensures working condition for all sensors inside the probe

• All data send by probe are protected by check-sum code, which also detects potentially corrupted data during transmission on back-end server

• Ability to combine data and commands to one data packet

• Detailed communication and programming protocol is avaiable on request


Remotely send configuration commands 

• Read the serial number

• Read the scope of current virtual address, and probe internal settings

• Programmable password for probe configuration

• Setting to enable or disable each sensor individually

• Measuring period scale  0 - 255 min/ sample

• Packets accumulation - probe will not transmit data until it collects certain amount of samples

• Luminosity setting 0 - 100%. If 0 is set for both parameters, deviation detection from set values is disabled 

• Internal temperature - When 0 is set for both parameters, deviation detection from set values is disabled 

• Fixed period of deviation detection for ilumination sensor is 30 seconds

• Fixed period of deviation detection for internal temperature sensor is 1 minute

• Parameters for impact detection (G-force: from -8G to +8G, minimum impact time: 0-159ms, insensivity time 0-319ms)

• Reset for virtual address scope

• Re-synchronisation of the internal clock

• FRAM programming - safe voltage for writing data

• Programming voltage for safe function of sensors 

• Re-send of data from internal cyclical buffer

• Command for forced clock synchronisation 

• Command for remote firmware upgrade - FOTA

• LED diode configuration (turn on, turn off, turn on for period of time 0-255 minutes)

• Programmable serial mode (for testing and debugging)


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